tell the truth and shame the devil

tell the truth and shame the devil

1548 W. PATTEN Expedition into Scotland A5 An Epigram..the whiche I had, or rather (to saie truth and shame the deuel, for out it wool) I stale..from a frende of myne.

1576 G. GASCOIGNE Grief of Joy II. 555 I will tell trewth, the devyll hymselfe to shame.

1597–8 SHAKESPEARE Henry IV, Pt 1 III. i. 58 And I can teach thee, coz [cousin], to shame the devil By telling truth: tell truth, and shame the devil.

1639 J. CLARKE Parœmiologia Anglo-Latina 316 Tell the truth, and shame the Devill.

1738 SWIFT Polite Conversation i. 93 Well; but who was your Author? Come, tell Truth and shame the Devil.

1945 F. THOMPSON Lark Rise xiv. A few homely precepts, such as..‘Tell the truth and shame the devil.’

2000 V. MCDERMID Place of Execution III. iii. 255 ‘Questions are no trouble to me,’ she snapped. ‘Tell truth and shame the devil. I’ve nothing to fear from your questions, so ask away.’

2007 Times2 8 June 7 Tell the truth and shame the devil, nanny used to say. But precepts such as that are perhaps too crude for the subtle minds who lead the modern C of E.

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